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Installing IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003

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Note: This tutorial is using Windows Server 2003 32bit in french. So, all the captures will be in french ! Also the names are roughly translated to english.

1. Installing IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003

  1. Open the Configuration Panel


  2. Open Add/Remove Programs


  3. Open Add/Remove Windows components


  4. Select Application Server and press Detail


  5. Check ASP.NET, it'll automaticaly check COM+ and IIS service


  6. Select IIS service and press Detail


  7. Select Word Wide Web service and press Detail


  8. Check Active Server Page (ASP)


  9. Press Ok until you're back to the Windows components window
  10. Press Next to install IIS


2. Creating your website

Now that IIS is installed, let's create our website.

  1. Create a folder on your hard drive where you'll store your website. For me, it'll be C:\web
  2. Open the Administration tools menu
  3. Open IIS Manager


  4. As you can see in the websites, a default one has been created


    I don't know what's in it or how it's configured, so I'd rather not keep it. Right click on the website and choose Delete


  5. Create a new website. Right click on Websites and select New > Website...


  6. Press Next


  7. Enter a website name and press Next


  8. Select an IP and a port if you'd like to and press Next. I'll keep it as default (All addresses and port 80).


  9. Select the website folder. Make sure Allow anonymous connections is checked, and press Next


  10. Check everything but Browse and press Next.
    • Read is useful for static files like HTML files or CSS files
    • Execute scripts is useful for ASP files
    • Execute will be useful later, for PHP via ISAPI
    • Write can be useful if you got a SQL-less news system writing inside text files inside your web folder.


  11. You might receive a warning telling you that Execute and Write might be dangerous. Answer Yes, you're the boss after all!
  12. Click Finish, your website is ready

3. Testing if ASP and ASP.NET work

  1. Create a file called asp.asp inside your web folder
  2. Paste this code inside it and save it

    Classic ASP

  3. Access it from your server :
  4. It should display "Hello ASP world"
  5. Create a file called aspx.aspx inside your web folder
  6. Paste this code inside it and save it


  7. Access it from your server :
  8. It should display "Hello ASP.NET world"