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When you reach level 80 ingame, the experience display switches to "million mode". Only the millions gained and needed til next level are displayed.
The percentage of exp gained and the experience bar are based on these values.

If you divided your experience table, the experience bar seems to be bugged after level 80 because it moves only each million. And each gap is huge (1 million is about 50% if you divided by 100).

You can change at which level the experience display switches to "million mode". It's 4 values to edit.

Character sheet:

OllyDbg - Client side

0046F0C4      BD 4F000000   MOV EBP,4F


OllyDbg - Client side

0047A6EF      83F8 4F       CMP EAX,4F

Current experience:

OllyDbg - Client side

0046E69B      83FE 4F       CMP ESI,4F

Next level experience:

OllyDbg - Client side

0046E6BB      83F8 4F       CMP EAX,4F

As you can see, the default value is 4F (= 79). If you want to make the game switch at level 100 (= 0x64), you just need to replace all the 4F values by 63 (= 99).