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For some of us, force sheltoms look like this in our inventory.

01.jpg 02.jpg

The only way to know which one we can use is the red background.

You could think that it's a client bug. And it doesn't display the required level.
Actually it's not a bug, it's how the client is coded.

Here's the "culprit" chunk of code :

OllyDbg - Client side

0048FCDA  |> \A1 58E60B03   MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[30BE658]
0048FCDF  |.  85C0          TEST EAX,EAX
0048FCE1  |.  0F84 4E010000 JE 0048FE35

What it does is fetching a value in memory (MOV). That value is the item required level.
Then it tests if it's equals to 0 (TEST EAX,EAX).
If it is 0, it skips the part that displays the required level (JE).

That behavior is completely normal. If you check for other items like weapons, you'll notice that the very first one that have no requirement don't display any "Req." line.

Now here's the thing, when i said above the value fetched in memory was the item required level, it's not the required level you see on your screen, or the one configured in the client (for forces).
That level is the one configured inside the .txt file in your Gameserver/Openitem/ folder on the server.

To make the req. level appear on forces, all you need to do is configuring a required level for forces (usually the files are named F01xx.txt).
The level you configure doesn't matter, it just needs to be different than 0. Once you've done that, the newly created force sheltoms will have a Req. level line.
Not that the old force won't have it.

03.jpg 04.jpg

Tadaaa :)

You can also change the way the required level is displayed. For instance, displaying the level with the format xxx - yyy on every force.
There's a conditional jump (JG). If force number is strictly higher than a value (3 by default), it'll display xxx+, else it'll display xxx - yyy.

OllyDbg - Client side

0048FD52  |> \83FB 03       CMP EBX,3
0048FD55  |.  7F 21         JG SHORT 0048FD78

We just need to increase this value to have the xxx - yyy format on following force sheltoms.
Up to Celesto force, it would be 8.

OllyDbg - Client side

0048FD52     \83FB 08       CMP EBX,8
0048FD55  |.  7F 21         JG SHORT 0048FD78