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[Old RZ post]

First a few Hexadecimal to Decimal conversions :
- 0x16 = 22
- 0x2C = 44
- 0x42 = 66
- 0x58 = 88

Now let's take 2 items in the in the client and server item table : the stone axe, and the gigantic axe.
The stone axe takes 1x3 in the inventory. The gigantic axe takes 2x4.

If you look at the hexadecimal code arround the Stone Axe, you'll see this :

If you look at the Stone Axe inventory image inside your client installation directory, in the image\Sinimage\Items\Weapon folder, you'll see this for the Stone Axe :

Look at the image size : 22x66 pixels. If you convert that into hexadecimal, it's 0x16 x 0x42 pixels.
It's the exact same values that are in the yellow selection on the hexadecimal part.

If you take the Gigantic Axe, it matches too :


Now it should be easy to adjust the inventory size of your items, the size of a compartment (1x1) is 22x22 pixels.
Be sure always to use multiples of 22 for your images width and height, not doing so could lead to errors I believe :):

Also if you put a size greater than the loaded image, it'll load a blank image.