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When you had to restore a lost item, you might have noticed that the low level items don't produce a .itm file inside the LogItemData folder when they are created.

Each item has a unique id inside the item table, different than the one configured inside the .txt file inside the OpenItem folder.
For instance for the Wood Shield :

Hexadecimal - Server side

Of course it has the id configured inside the .txt file, DS101. But look at the 4 first bytes : 00 01 04 02.
* 04 02 is the item type : shield
* 00 01 is the unique item id

This value determines whether or not a .itm file is created.

The magic happens here :

OllyDbg - Server side

0055567E     \3D 00080000   CMP EAX,800
00555683  |.  73 0A         JNB SHORT 0055568F

Here you can see the id is compared to 800. If the id is below 800, the .itm file isn't created.

You just need to change the value to add the first items.

OllyDbg - Server side

0055567E     \3D 00010000   CMP EAX,100
00555683  |.  73 0A         JNB SHORT 0055568F

Be aware that if you change this value, the server will write alot more .itm files in the LogItemData folder.