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This is about the information displaying on your screen when you press the M key.
Your screen is divided in 3 parts:
* Bottom left : the game
* Top left : map if availabe
* Right : location on the continent

All the image displayed are located inside your client installation folder, in the image\GuideMap folder.
This folder contains 2 types of files we are interested in :
* the image displaying in the top left part
* the highlighted map name on the right part

The filenames are located here :

OllyDbg - Client side

All these files are accessed by a table of pointers located here :

OllyDbg - Client side

The pointers are working as pairs. The first value leads to the highlighted name, the second value to the map image.

For instance the first couple at the addresses (005ED778, 005ED77C) leads to (Pilait.bmp, town_PLX-40Y-36.bmp).

But that's not all, there's also values controlling which name to highlight, they are located just above the images pointers.

OllyDbg - Client side

The numbers you see determine which pointer is to be used in the table above, and which name to highlight.

For instance, for 01 00 00 00 (that's Road to the wind) :