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To make your server save EVERYTIME somebody:
- picks up an item (except golds)
- trades an item (both characters)

And maybe if you want it to (this hasn't been tested):
- Save when respecing
- Save when aging
- Save when maturing
- Save when mixing
- Save when buying from a personnal shop

Just NOP this jump:

OllyDbg - Server side

005710A0     /7E 2E         JLE SHORT 005710D0

That edit makes the server SAVE alot more.
- Minimized rollbacks (to almost no rollback :
* no trade rollback
* no exp rollback because you're always picking up something when playing right ?)
- No dupe (each trade, both char are immediatly saved, items cannot be duplicated if the server goes down)

- Alot alot alot more disk writes
But modern disk are efficient, and can take alot of writting.
I think it shouldn't impact the server performance (i.e. no lag) but this is to be tested.
And the only way to test it is live.

For my local test procedure was quite simple. I connected a priestess, dropped and picked up her robe 5 times, and disconnected.
Here are the test results:
* Old behavior : 1 save when I disconnected the character.

* New behavior : 5 save when picking up the robe, plus 1 when I disconnected the character.